Twisted Pine: Comfy, full of peanuts, and wi-fi’d

Parking for Golden Retrievers Only

Inside a cozy neighborhood taproom

Oh, and beer, too. Beer good!

So, when I first moved to Boulder, I would tell people, “There are so many good microbrews here. I mean, I can’t heave a brick without hitting two microbreweries and the Redstone meadery.” Then I’d say, “Of course I’m exaggerating. I can’t actually heave a brick the length of an entire block.” I was thinking about the stretch of Valmont between 30th and Foothills, which housed the Rockies Brewpub (on Wilderness Place) and Twisted Pine (a couple doors down from Sutherlands). And then Redstone is close enough to Valmont and Foothills to consider “on the block.”

Then Twisted Pine moved, and my funny was downgraded to “ONE microbrewery and Redstone.”

It was only recently that I actually checked out Twisted Pine’s new location. I’d just been to a 4-hour election judge training session (y’all are all gonna vote tomorrow, right? Unless you’ve already done so?) and I was walking home. The Twisted Pine was on my way home, being in the same neighborhood as the County Clerk’s office–33rd and Walnut, approximately. I needed to decompress, so I wandered in for a beer.

What a great place to have a beer! The taproom is very cozy. The chairs are comfy, the peanuts are plentiful, and the wi-fi is free and functional. And I think the beer is Some Good. I’m having an espresso stout right now. I recommend it.

Now if only I could convince them to stay open late tomorrow so all us election judges can have a beer there after our 14-hour work day….

But enough about that. I supposedly came here to work on my novel. It’s Day 6 and I’m way behind schedule!

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  1. John (unregistered) on November 7th, 2006 @ 8:50 am

    My Word count is at day 3 level :(

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