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Redstone Meadery at 47th and Pearl

As of this morning, Redstone Meadery were down to their last eight bottles of the 2001 Black Raspberry Vintage Reserve.

As of right now, they’re down to seven.

The Redstone Reserve concept, as I understand it, goes something like this: Mix up a batch of mead with lots of fruit puree in it. Let it ferment until it’s done. Sell the port-like results (14% ABV) for $50 per 500 mL. Hold a few bottles back to age a couple more years, and sell those for $70.

Very expensive. Very, very worth it. Oh my goodness is it worth it.

But I could only bring myself to buy one bottle, for home. I was going to bring a bottle to the writing workshop I’m attending, but 500 mL split 30 ways would barely coat the bottom of a cup. I’m bringing a liter of the 2003 Honey Wine with Juniper Berries instead. I don’t think anyone will complain.

Black Elderberries, unless I'm very much mistakenSpeaking of mead, I’m thinking of starting a new batch of my own. I’m thinking of flavoring it with black elderberries, because it’s that time of year. The sidewalks around my apartment building are getting dotted with purple. Who in their right mind landscapes with elderberry bushes? At least they remembered to prune them this summer.

Addendum: I see at their website that Redstone have released the 2003 Boysenberry Reserve. Must resist temptation–there’s only so much room in my luggage–

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