A genius’ films come to Denver

A scene from Three Colors: Red

I’m not a huge fan of the bizarre Denver Film Society. Its choices for annual prize winners often feel like “please come to our town” awards and the films chosen for each year’s Film Festival are moderately good at best. Case in point, the last time I visited the Film Festival was to attend the premiere of Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead (C+ at best). Hmmm, on second though I saw Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite that year, too, a film that eventually earned Mira Sorvino’s Best Supporting Actress Oscar. I digress.

Anyway, now you can attend some amazingly great films in the month of October when the Denver Film Society brings the work of Krzysztof Kieslowski to the screen.

From October 1 through 24, the DFS screens “A ROAD MAP OF THE SOUL: THE COMPLETE KIESLOWSKI,” most all of Kieslowski’s work, including the immensely famous (and brilliant) Three Colors series (based on the colors of the French Flag: Blue, White, and Red) and his made-for-Polish-TV Decalogue, the astonding series derived from the 10 Commandments.

Schedule of dates after the jump.

(for complete listings, show times and descriptions, visit the Denver Film Society)
Oct 3 and 4 | The Calm. The Scar
Oct 5 and 6 | Blind Chance, Camera Bluff
Oct 7 and 8 | The Double Life of Veronique
Oct 11 and 12 | A Short Film About Killing, A Short Film About Love
Oct 13 | Decalogue 1 and 2, Decalogue 3 and 4
Oct 14 | Decalogue 1 and 2, Decalogue 3 and 4, Decalogue 5 and 6
Oct 15 | Decalogue 5 and 6, Decalogue 7 and 8, Decalogue 9 and 10
Oct 16 | Decalogue 7 and 8, Decalogue 9 and 10
Oct 18 | Blue
Oct 19 | White
Oct 21 | Blue, White and Red
Oct 22 | Blue, White and Red
Oct 23 and 24 | Heaven

Tickets are $8.50 for adults for non-DFS members ($5.50 for members), and it’s worth it to see especially the Decalogue on the big screen. But remember, you can see all of these on Netflix, too (for $19.99 for the month).

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