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Fish Taco

Had my best Denver fish taco experience the other day at one of the many Mexican restaurants up North, Tacos Jalisco (4309 W. 38th Ave).

I’m not sure if it was the guac, the corn tortillas or the seemingly intricate way the fish was seasoned. I really can’t say, but I can say that it was good, damn good. Unpretentious atmosphere too.

This is a good thing though because I’m a pescetarian and when you try and explain that at a mom & pop Mexican joint they look at you like you’ve just dropped down your NAMBLA membership card in hopes of a fifteen percent discount.

If someone wants to one up me on their best fish taco experience please do so in the comments section, thanks.

Flying High In Denver

No, no, no. I don’t mean that. It’s getting to be a little too cold for camping and not enough snow for skiing. So what does one do in between seasons?

Go indoor sky diving! Don’t fancy throwing yourself out a plane and falling to the earth at a horrendously fast pace? Try this.

We headed down to Lone Tree (South Denver) and went to Sky Venture Colorado. This re-circulating 1200 HP wind tunnel, is fairly new, I believe it was finished in March of this year.

After arriving at this towering complex, we signed the usual waivers – No, we won’t sue if we die. We’ll be dead, how can we sue? If you head up to the observation area, you can see what you are about to get yourself into. I see these young teenage girls flying in the air and figure, “Hey, I can handle this”. It’s really not as scary as you would think, it’s fairly contained and you don’t have to worry about plummeting to the ground. I am starting to like this.

Happy Birthday, Conor O’Neill’s!

They were that good...

...and they were that fast.

Boulder’s favorite Irish pub is celebrating its 7th anniversary/birthday today! There are balloons and banners all over the place, and on the stage there’s a troupe of dancers, kids of all ages in red tunics embroidered with Book Of Kells style designs, tiaras in their hair (the girls, anyway), and shoes that go clackety-clackety when they impact the floor. Which they do, with much quickness and agility, to the beat of Celtic-electronica coming out a tiny CD-player boombox on the side of the stage.

The dancing is from 5 to 7. We’re in the second set now. But you’re not too late for the other perks of a birthday party: Happy hour all day, and a performance by The Commoners commencing at 10 PM.

Now eating: Traditional Irish Breakfast (two eggs any style, toast, fried tomato wedges, fried ham, imported Irish bangers, and black and white puddings purported to be made from scratch in Conor’s own kitchen)

Now drinking: Iced Irish coffee (a tall glass full of the house blend from the Brewing Market next door, Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey, and a splash of Baileys on the rocks with whipped cream on top)

Music to get in the mood: The Drowned: If Happiness is Water

Railfan lite

Thanks for the welcome comments from my last post, even if someone says I have “pretentious” taste in pizza. I’ll let that slide for now… punk.

In other news, I’m curious what people have read about the new T-Rex light rail. I’ve been thinking how happy it’ll make me when I can see it humming along the 25 corridor, serving as an advertisement for itself to the parade of car commuters.

Yeah, I know, cars are great, blah, blah, blah.

The reason for this post is that I haven’t seen much on the local blogs about it and I think it’s going to be a major improvement to the overall well being of the city. Maybe I haven’t read the right blogs…

I’m also curious about whether it might one day connect down to Colorado Springs? Or is that the stuff they make crack pipes for?

I believe the span of the project from Lone Tree to downtown is just over 40 miles, which makes it pretty long for a light rail as opposed to a commuter rail, which is usually bigger, faster, stronger, etc… But from what I understand, there’s commuter rail that’s a lot smaller in terms of distance than the T-Rex project.

Is there a real obvious reason why it’s light and not commuter?

I’m fortunate enough not to have to commute further than my basement office, but I can’t wait for the damn thing. Anyhow, whatever folks know or have read about this and care to point me to in comments is appreciated.

That’s all.

New Kid

Hi there, I’m the new kid on the blog. Just getting my locker set up and then I’m going to find out when French Club meets up and maybe see if I can get an assignment with the school paper. After that, the drugs.

In the meantime, is there anyone who cares to challenge my assertion that Denver pizza is pretty much crap with the noted exception of Buenos Aires on Larimer?

Just curious… Talk amongst yourselves.

Pretty Scooters Make Graves (part two)

Everytime I sit down to write a continuation of my original piece it rapidly turns into a laundry list of complaints about the human race. Where is everybody trying to get to so fast? A more humorous example of this came today as I noted the herd of mostly empty SUVs passing me rather unsafely on University. I slowly putted to a stop next to them at a stoplight a half mile down the road. The funniest part of this cluster-driving is when one car in a gaggle has to make a turn, and none of the others can get around it because they have to stop too quickly. I like to wave as I coast by in the right lane.

For those of you contemplating purchasing one of these fine little machines, note well: The 50cc models can be legally parked on the sidewalk in Denver, but they just don’t climb hills. This isn’t usually a problem in Denver proper, but once you get out into the suburbs, you flat out need a bigger engine unless you are crazy or stupid (I am probably both). Another thing I learned only very recently is that the 125cc model of the scooter I have actually gets much better gas mileage. Something about the number of pistons and keeping the engine revs low.

The negative experiences with four-wheel motorists aside, it’s well worth the experience. You don’t actually understand concepts like momentum and wind resistance and balance until you really feel them firsthand. I’m about to clock my 1000th mile on this thing, and I plan on getting many thousands more out of it. Just not in Cherry Hills Village. Those people drive like retards.

Fighting the Good Fight

Team Pomosexual Agenda just can’t seem to dethrone the regulars down at The Irish Rover, but I did manage to win something for the first time since I got free tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm for winning a coloring contest at Vons when I was 4:

We’ve determined that they are fighting an epic doctrinal battle of overhand vs. underhand toilet paper roll installation.

I’m sure the winners of the consolation prize (bar cash) should be posted over at Geeks Who Drink pretty soon.

The World Finest Chocolate and Other Things

It’s what, two weeks or so now that the kids out there have gone back to school and already my doorbell is ringing.

“Hello, we are trying to raise money for our school band…”
“Hello, we are trying to raise money for our soccer team…”
“Hello, we are trying to raise money for our library…”
“Hello, we are trying to raise money for our underwater basket weaving class…”

“… Would you like to buy [insert any number of things] for [x amount]?”

I cannot help but support these schools, all of which are unknown to me, and buy their chocolates, magazines, cookies and whatever else is being sold. Although, shouldn’t the kids be focusing on their studies rather than seeing who can earn the most money?

Side Note – If you come to my door telling me you are from the inner city of Detroit and I ask why you left Michigan and you respond with “Oh I grew up in Detroit not Michigan”. I probably won’t buy anything from you, as your story of surviving gang fights and whatever B.S. you fed me, has just fallen apart. Now get off my porch!

I realize already, this is going to be an expensive year but bring on the World Finest Chocolate, I’m saving room.

The Many Faces of Jake Plummer

I’m watching the Broncos-St. Louis game right now and I was surprised at seeing a clean-cut Jake “the Snake” Plummer (QB, #16) on the sidelines. Jake has been through a bunch of looks, namely last season when his “mountain man” phase took the Broncos to a 13-3 season.

I decided to assemble some photos I found of the Denver quarterback. The top left photo was taken last week. The second one over is at the height of last year’s beard/hair phase.

Check out Jake’s Morton Stakehouse fundrasier for his foundation on Monday by clicking here.


My standup routine sucks

For the record, Michael Booth doesn’t look nearly as nerdy as his picture up on Geeks Who Drink suggests. Team PoMoSexual Agenda (new spelling because Tynan didn’t think the joke was obvious enough?) made yet another mediocre finish. But I mean, come on. Swallow the Leader made awesome tshirts, and they didn’t even place in the top three this week.

So the point of this post is that only a select audience will get the line “Life is like a gloryhole…” without any further context. Oh, the other point of this post was to share this marvelous photograph I took outside the Thin Man at this month’s happy hour:

Hope to see y’all there next time.

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