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Baseball Mania

I’m sitting in the Thin Man, feeding my social craving, and two local writers Liz and Brenda have just finished composing this essay titled “Baseball Mania” shortly after arriving, presumably from a baseball game. I will now transcribe (with minor edits) below:napkin-essay.jpg

We are writing to express our concern at the state of a society that allows an adult ego to usurp the joy of a 7-year-old boy in his quest for a foul ball. As a section (III) we watched a grown man go home with the ball thrown to a wonderful boy named Dylan. The right fielder, Hawpe, was kind enough to toss a foul ball to Dylan only to have it stolen by this egomaniac. Although we could have bonded as a section to forcibly return the ball its rightful owner, we chose to take the high road, hoping our humbleness would propel this adult malcontent to rethink his actions (ie. give the ball back to Dylan and his older brother Zach, restoring their faith in humanity).

We watched a 9-year-old stand up against an adult for the rights of his little brother. We watched a family come together with their stadium section, and they became stronger for it (albeit without the coveted ball).

Baseball is about the kids; Dylan and Zach play baseball. It is our national pasttime. Although the course of history may not be significantly altered by today’s events, we felt strong enough about the “wrong” experienced today to share our story. We hope that by sharing the events that transgressed this afternoon, we might encourage others to contribute to the joy of children as they celebrate the culture that baseball represents.

With kind regards,

Elizabeth Mourer, et al.

Denver Writers Happy Hour

As promised, we’re holding another meet and greet, sponsored by the Thin Man and People in a Position to Know, Inc. Details as follows:

Where: The Thin Man
When: Sep 6th, 6pm-8pm
Who: Local Bloggers and Writers

A round for the first 10 attendees is on us.

RSVP by September 5th by commenting below or sending me an email.

Quick, Everybody Join

Ben is beating me for most ePopular Denverite, so please log in and vote me up.

Some hot art in Denver

Lavender Lattice (c) 2006 Kyle Goodrich

I came across a quaint little basement studio the last Denver First Friday Gallery Walk. I can’t remember where it was (there was a crap arts and craft-ish shop above it), but I’m glad I’m went into the basement at 747 Santa Fe Drive.

In the depths was one artist/geologist (soon to be artist-only), Kyle Goodrich. His work was stellar. In fact, I bought “Moonlight at Midnight,” for a song (he needs to raise his prices). Since then, I’ve made an appointment to see more of his work, and it’s all amazing, including his two-piece-put-together commissioned piece “Urbanism v.1.”

Goodrich believes in painting on the floor, much like one of my favorite artists, Jackson Pollock. This way, Goodrich can access the canvas from all sides, in much of a bird’s eye view. Funny that when I learned that he was a geologist and that he looked at space imagery and topo maps all day for years, it all made sense as to why he stands above his paintings.

When each one is dry and completed, the loose canvas is stretched and ready to go. But stretching the canvas post-painting also takes on a unique effect, getting you the point at which you saw “holy cow, this stuff is good.”

Where Goodrich excels is not in his brush strokes or color palettes, but in his geometric artistry. In his current phase of painting he’s working with intersecting lines, boxes and hash marks on top of storied layers of basic color.

In a world of mediocre artists, this geologist-turned-painter has carved (er, excavated?) a niche for himself in town.


I’d tell you to check out his Web site, but it sucks. Instead, if you’re interested, merely visit for the contact info. And you better hurry, this Denver artist’s painting were flying off the walls when I saw him. Not sure which ones are still available.

More work after the jump.

Overheard Outside the Three Dogs Tavern

  1. Her: “Come on in, it’s safe. We don’t smoke in there anymore.”
    Him: “What, is that a law or something?”
    Her: “You must not be from around here.”
    Him: “No, we’re not.”
    Her: “Seriously? You’re seriously not from here? OK. Well, Colorado’s a no-smoking state now.”
  2. Gal on cell phone: “You’re breaking up. Are you in a tunnel?” [pause] “Awesome! Which tunnel?”

Overheard Outside the Three Dogs Tavern

The Three Dogs Tavern is at Julian and 32nd in the Highland Square neighborhood.

  1. Gals on smoke-break to passerby:

    Gal 1: “Come on in, it’s safe. We don’t smoke in there anymore.”

    Passerby Guy: “What, is that a law or something?”

    Gal 2: “You must not be from around here.”

    Passerby Guy: “No, we’re not.”

    Gal 1: “Seriously? You’re seriously not from here? OK. Well, Colorado’s a non-smoking state now.”

  2. Gal on cell phone:

    “You’re breaking up. Are you in a tunnel?”


    “Awesome! Which tunnel?”

Utilitarian Guide to Scooters (Part One of More-than-one) is my new best friend C.J. As a roundabout way of introducing her, I’ll mention that my friend Carmen used to work at Fascinations. I saw a billboard the other day that said something to the effect of “Porn. It’s cheaper than dating.”

For those of you following at home, what I’m saying is that the TCO of buying a brand new scooter from Sportique (as opposed to trying to navigate the incredibly tight used market) means the scooter is practically free. Because gas is expensive. Now do you understand my metaphor? Thanks. Keep in touch.

Live from the Thin Man

thinman2.jpgIt’s always awkward walking up to people you don’t know and asking questions like “Are you Nicole?” Meeting people from the internet always works best when you know what they look like first.

This is Stephanie, my favorite bartender here at the Thin Man. Also pictured: the delicious infused vodkas, and some of the laid-back patrons (plus dog). Not pictured: internet nerd behind the camera. Stop by some time and ask Stephanie to make you an Old Fashioned. Tell her I sent you and she’ll make it extra tasty.

We’re going to try a mini-gathering every first Wednesday (locations TBA). Hope to see more of you internet nerds avoiding photographs in the future.

Coffee Dude

You have to love this guy. Coffee is the only thing he cares about. Denver coffee, actually.

Okay, that’s it. He just rocks. Thankfully someone loves Denver coffee as much as he does.

Netflix Rolling Roadshow Comes to Estes Park

I missed the first few. I missed Jaws on Martha’s Vineyard. Ferris Buehler’s Day Off in Chicago, but damnit, I’m hitting Estes Park for Netflix’s Rolling Roadshow screening of The Shining at the Stanley Hotel (hosted by Lisa Loeb).

That’s right, you can watch The Shining where it was filmed, at the haunted Stanley Hotel. Who knows, maybe Stephen King or Jack Nicholson will show up (Kevin Costner showed up in Iowa for the Field of Dreams screening).

Netflix, the DVD-by-mail service, has sponsored an incredible number of movie screenings to be screened where they were filmed all summer. It’s a huge undertaking, ending with a screening of “Escape from Alcatraz” on Alcatraz Island (The Rock would’ve been better, but oh well).

And this Wednesday, in Estes Park (North of Boulder) you can watch The Shining for free, and even partake in a 10 minute horror writing contest that happens before the show.

The Netflix Rolling Roadshow features cast member reunions and Q & As with filmmakers at select locations. And if you’re reading this from afar, fear not, there’s still Raising Arizona and three other films before summer’s end.

Update: A date would help, eh? How about the 16th, Wednesday. Click the link for more details.

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