Today Captain Jack Sparrow stared into the Abyss and the Abyss stared back

It was obviously far too hot to play Tic-Tac-Toe today. At least at 4pm. Next time will perhaps be scheduled for 6pm. I will also endeavor not to be 20 minutes late. Sorry about that.

That said, it was still quite the busy day. After my morning meeting with Bruce and Lucy, I stopped in to visit the family and found the most bizarre artifact: a three dimensional tic-tac-toe board. I considered it an omen that I am Doing Something Right. I’ll try to post a picture once I obtain a reasonably priced and well featured digital camera. I did manage to snag a photo of Adam’s installation art currently on display at Two-Fisted Mario’s which I will also post… later. Meanwhile, the highlights of my day follow in a delightful unordered list.

  • observed several cars on I-25 pass me on the right so they could cheerfully tailgate the long line of cars ahead of me
  • yet again contemplated starting a tattle-tale wiki to catalog license plate numbers of cars with idiot drivers
  • remembered that license plate numbers are hard to remember and difficult to transcribe while driving
  • became suddenly delighted that KUSA 44 was much easier to remember than other license plate numbers
  • realized that unordered lists by definition don’t require strict chronology
  • paid a homeless man 50 cents for the privilege of kicking him
  • kicked him (grudgingly, gently, and in the ass)
  • received a free green tshirt from some bizarre digital snakeoil salespeople in green shirts, capes, and stereotypical nerd glasses
  • met a robot powered by a novel source of renewable energy (money)
  • gave said robot a dollar whereupon he/it called me Bill Gates
  • learned that what Johnny Depp wants most in the world is Keira Knightley’s ass (I am pretty sure I heard him correctly)

Yes, the 16th Street Mall is a strange and beautiful place.

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