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Another Insipid Article About Pets

I’m sitting here drinking some Sleepytime Tea and watching my cats terrorize each other. I feel a little bad, because the new one (the interloper) used to be an outdoor cat, but she lived in Lakewood, so it wasn’t really an issue. I live in the Lincoln Park / Golden Triangle area, and I just don’t think I should let her roam around the neighborhood. I’ve looked at various leash solutions, and she’s a pretty laid back cat so I’m sure she’d go for that, but none of them seem practical enough. I saw these wacky outdoor cat tunnels somewhere online, but I can’t find them anymore, and I’d never buy something so dumb anyway (although I might get a Crinkler Sack & Tunnel).

Does anyone in Denver take their cats outdoors?

Highlands, yes. I think I may try one of those.

I have to gush again. I’m sorry. I can’t get over the fact that there’s a North Denver. I went to see Paul play tonight, and I’m starting to consider relocating to this neighborhood. Paul is unfortunately leaving Denver for a short sabbatical in Los Angeles which (as I may have previously suggested) is a great place to build street cred for your career in Denver.

It also seems that there might be traffic on I-25. So be sure to leave early if you are coming to Tic-Tac-Toe on Saturday. Finally, everyone please bid on this so that Ben doesn’t waste his money on it.

Muncipally owned fiber-to-the-curb in Denver?

Installation Art at Two Fisted Mario'sSo I tend to poke around the magical Internet, and I keep coming back to this iProvo thing. I look at my phone bill once a month, and finally it irked me enough that I pay twice as much as I need to just to get high speed internet at home, so I finally cancelled the home phone and became cellular-only. Then I cancelled the cell phone and got Vonage and became VoIP-Phone only. I’m sure plenty of other budget-conscious tech-nerds like myself have gone through a similar process. So my question is, if a city the size of Provo can build that kind of infrastructure to grow local business, why not Denver?

It’s a slow news day

and I’m having trouble coming up with a three letter word for ‘flightless bird.’ It’s also nearing the end of July, which means only one thing: Lot’s of noise! I shouldn’t complain too much, because the Grand Prix does guarantee me at least one day of telecommuting this August. I think they had an amateur go-cart racing circuit one year, but thus far I don’t see anything on their site. Thinking about it kind of has me jonesing though…

Oh yeah, Paul is playing tonight so I’ll probably find myself there.

Update after the fold.

Glad To Be Back

After spending some time down in Arizona/Utah, I am glad to be back in Denver. But not so glad to have all this heat! I thought AZ/UT was hot, boy was I wrong. I am looking forward to some ‘cool’ nights out in Denver now… Unlike Kyle, I won’t be outside, I think I would probably pass out if I did anything physical in the sun right now.

Don’t Kill Yourself

The last few days have been brutally hot (more on the way tomorrow). This can be quite unpleasant if you can’t find something to pass the time.

I like to pass my time by riding my bike for a few hours each day. Even though I put in about 250+ miles a week on my bike, this heat can still have dangerous effects, even if I’m properly hydrated.

But there’s a problem. It’s July, which means it’s Tour de France month. And even though Lance Armstrong isn’t racing this year, the July-only riders are out in droves, wearing their Discovery Team or US Postal Team jerseys or full kits and heading out for a ride to “be like Lance.” If it gets people on their bikes, I’m all for it.

Yesterday I rode up Lookout Mountain Road from Golden to Genesee. It’s not a terribly long ride, but it is pretty steep. Add the fact that Friday was a “mountain” day in the Tour, and the poorly-trained, July-only riders were out in droves, emulating Lance, Floyd Landis or whomever. They were all near death.

Today Captain Jack Sparrow stared into the Abyss and the Abyss stared back

It was obviously far too hot to play Tic-Tac-Toe today. At least at 4pm. Next time will perhaps be scheduled for 6pm. I will also endeavor not to be 20 minutes late. Sorry about that.

That said, it was still quite the busy day. After my morning meeting with Bruce and Lucy, I stopped in to visit the family and found the most bizarre artifact: a three dimensional tic-tac-toe board. I considered it an omen that I am Doing Something Right. I’ll try to post a picture once I obtain a reasonably priced and well featured digital camera. I did manage to snag a photo of Adam’s installation art currently on display at Two-Fisted Mario’s which I will also post… later. Meanwhile, the highlights of my day follow in a delightful unordered list.

When your nightlife consists of nothing but former Kerouac hangouts…

…it’s probably time to leave Denver. At least that’s what Dave told me right before he moved to L.A. I visited him this past weekend, and while Sunset Strip has its appeal, I have to say sleepy ole Denver is vastly preferrable. Where else could Team Pomosexual Agenda win bar trivia at Sobo 151 and then head over to Bender’s to sing goofy David Byrne songs? Metaphorically I mean. Denver is just relaxed enough to be cool, but connected enough to be where it’s at.

Hi. I’m new here.

We’re going to try another Tic-Tac-Toe event on Saturday, and all y’all are welcome.

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