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Westword gets their prank on, Denver and The Real World fall victim.

This is awesome.

If you didn’t already know, MTV’s ‘The Real World’ is filming it’s 18th season here, right now.
And wether or not you’re a fan, you have to admit that anyone with the balls to pull a prank on ’em has to be pretty cool.
Well, that anyone is a group of Westword staff, who put together a cast (complete w/ producers) and went downtown with thier cameras in tow to see what would happen…

Click here for their story.

Here for the video. (Quicktime)

And here for the video of a CBS 4 segment w/ interview of Adam Cayton-Holland of Westword

I’ll Play X, You Can Be The O

Hullo all. Long time no bloggity. Not much bloggity today, really–just a really quick post for now to alert y’all to some goings-on downtown next weekend.

t-t-t.pngDowntown Denver Tic-Tac-Toe

Where: 16th and Glenarm
When: Saturday, July 1st
Time: 4pm-6pm

Bring cell phones if you’ve got ’em.

In very short, as I understand it, two teams compete with mad mathematical skills to turn a strategic selection of intersections their color by sheer force of numbers. For the rules in detail and an email address belonging to Someone Who Knows What’s Going On, click the link above.

With any luck, another fabulous Denver Metroblogger will participate and report on how it went. This time, sadly, it won’t be me. It’s hard to be in Seattle and Denver at the same time, that’s why. But it looks like there will be another event on July 15th, so maybe I’ll get a chance to check it out then.

Moved to Highlands. Ahh, nice

Hi kids. It’s your Uncle Kyle. No, not that one with the creepy beard and the weird sleepovers.

I’ve been a bit AWOL lately during my much-anticipated move from Westminster/Broomfield and all its white picket fences, new buildings, Home Depots and Cold Stones to the more mellow, laid-back lifestyle of the Highlands. No, not Highlands Ranch. Highlands: 32nd/Lowell. I live a block from the town sqaure.

Sidenote: Check out the Highland Festival tomorrow (June 17) all day up and down 32nd.

I love it here. As a writer that often needs people interaction to be creative, I love the coffee shops (Common Grounds), cheese shops (St. Killians), and great wine stores (Mondo Vino) the small square has to offer. Change that… I friggin’ LOVE it.

Denver, We Set A Record!

Phew, it was hot yesterday wasn’t it? I didn’t really get to experience the 100 degree weather much yesterday – thank goodness – but the brief time I was out of my air conditioning haven, I was ready to crawl back into the cold.

To escape this heat, a few of us headed down to the Denver Performing Arts Center, the Garner Galleria Theatre, to be exact. We saw the preview performance of The Second City’s “How I Lost My Denverginity”. The show was part Improv and skit’s that often reflected life in Denver. The cast were all very unique in their characters and routines, which made the show even more entertaining. They involved the audience by asking for words or phrases to base their improve skits on, which to me, were remarkable! How they can perform ‘on the spot’ off one word is very engaging. Of course, crazy silly words are given to them and they manage to make a coherent skit out of it.

As this was the ‘Preview’, they asked for people to stay after the show for another audience involved Improv set. The cast announced that anything they performed tonight may be used in their other shows, if it turned out well. The cast improv’ed off things like “I ain’t buying that” and “I’m a Thai European American”. Comical routines at their best! They asked me and a friend, with me, for our initials and then for words that started with our initials, “B” and “M”. The most obvious, “Bowel Movement”, the cast passed on and went with “Bisexual Minority”. To me, despite having such strange things to act off, they did a fabulous job. Of course, the reasonably priced drinks, helped!

So, if you need an evening of fun and laughter, I would recommend you check out The Second City’s “How I Lost My Denverginity”. Tickets are $20 and drinks are reasonably priced (which makes it all the more easier to knock ’em back).

Back, and with a vengeance none-the-less…

Peace Officer Sez: “The problem is that that sign over there says the hours of this park are till dusk.”

– So I guess we broke the rules. Go figure, a bunch of church-going, frisbee-throwing, twenty-somethings (AND their pastor) got tossed out of a park. But we sure had fun playing Ultimate Frisbee with our fiber-optic lit frisbee (the Flashflight, and they’re local, w00t!). I guess what I’m thinking about is the fact that most parks do close at dusk. I understand the rule, and it mostly makes sense. Predators come out at night, and for the safety of the people it’s better to not be out in public spaces like that after dark. Also many parks are in residential areas, and that aspect makes sense too, people want a quiet neighborhood.

– But here’s where my thinking takes a turn. Look at all the places downtown, and in commercial areas, that are lit and patrolled late into the night. Our governments know that their citizens are out late, and they invest in those commercial areas that have night-time traffic. We pay good tax money, so why not have a park or two that is well lit into the evening, and patrolled. There are plenty of us active folk that would take advantage of it, I guarantee it.

(And I did positively ZERO research on this, so if anyone knows of a park or parks that meet this qualification, please do say so in the comments, I/we’d love to know about it.)

The Wheels on the Bus

– So I just got home from my last day at my job, and I start the new one on Monday. Well, I guess you really can’t say it’s a totally new job, just that it’s at a different store, with different people and different potential. So as far as I’m concerned, it’s new, anywho…

– The job I just finished was at a store that was merely four blocks from my apartment. Now I’ll be working at a store that is about, well I’m not sure how many miles away, but it’s a 20 minute drive to get there. Only thing is, I don’t have a car. I haven’t for a long time now, but I’ve been close to work so hoofin it was the easiest way to get there. Not anymore.

– It’s mid month though, and since RTD doesn’t issue pro-rated monthly passes, I snagged a couple of 10-ticket passbooks. Now I have this fat wallet with passbooks sticking out of it, and I’m gonna have to figure out something to do with them. At least it’s only temporary, when I snag my monthly pass for July it’ll fit real nice in there.

– This whole thing has me thinking about the times when I’ve been a bus warrior. The good ones where you fully realize how stress-less it is to ride versus driving, and the bad ones when you missed the last bus, and it’s 1am on a Wednesday, so your only option is to call a cab. The people you see, the places you pass, riding the bus is an experience, and it’s one that I love. Looks like it’s You and Me, RTD!

OMG Ducklings!!!

DucklingsAtTheCurb.jpgIt’s just another morning in North Boulder. You take the 208 east, get off the bus at Central and Flatirons. and immediately you’re on duck-herding duty, because, y’know, there’s a FedEx truck coming around the corner and you’re not in the mood for duck pate.

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