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Boulder for lunch

Boulder co

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the week has been full of work. late nights and even earlier mornings. i haven’t been able to get out much other than to watch the sunset or sunrise. wow, sunset is amazing with those mountains. i’ll post some photos from my camera once i get them downloaded.
we ventured into Boulder for lunch and i love the walking street downtown. sufficiently shaded, but not overly so. we ate at the Lazy Dog on Pearl. food was good, but after a week of eating out and eating junk food, i’m kinda over food, no matter how good it is. i think i’m gonna do all raw food food and water for the three day weekend to flush my system.
for beer – i have to say, not to excited abou Left Hand brewery. kinda tastes like michelob amber with no depth. we did discover Avery brewing at the Silo and wow, that wasa great beer. i had the IPA which tasted like the hops were floating on top.
and i just can’t get over the little prairie dogs. i just want to cuddle with them they are sooooo cute.

It’s That Time Again

30th-at-Glenwood_Wednesday.jpgMy home is in North Boulder off 30th and Iris. It’s getting close to Memorial Weekend. Put those two facts together and what do you get? You get the BolderBoulder Run-up Entertainment Specials! That’s right. For those of us who live practically on top of the race starting line, the countdown to the Big 10K is full of little daily not-quite surprises.

(Yes, of course I’ll be running–well, walk/jogging, anyway. I’m back in the NB wave. You can look me and John up under last name “LeBoeuf-Little”. What, you think I’m going to try to sleep through the insanity? Not bloody likely, sweetie.)

Today’s development: the first lengths of Rent-A-Fence went up along 30th and Corona Trail. No more crossing 30th mid-block for us! This will definitely put a damper on my early morning dash across the street to catch that 208 I’m late for. I’ll just watch it helplessly as it corners at Glenwood about 30 seconds before I get to the break in the chain-link fence. Joy!

But you know what I’m really looking forward to? Saturday morning at something like 6:00 AM when they drop off the port-a-potties along the curb by the Alterra residence. Mmm, port-a-potties and lilacs: the smells of summer!

What’s there to do Memorial Day Weekend in Denver?

I am having a hard time deciding what to do for this Memorial Day weekend. There are just so many fun events and never enough time. This is what is on my list to do and I am desperately trying to narrow it down. I am not succeeding.

– Check out the 8th Annual Downtown Denver Festival of the Arts

– If I had kids, I might go to Clear Creek County Railroad Days

– Wander around the Boulder Creek Festival

– Go drink and watch the Bolder Boulder – No way I am participating in the run, but would be fun to watch! Will the Belly Dancers be there?

– Get hot and spicy at the Chili Ole, Hot Time & Mile High Chili Cook-off

– Take a weekend camping trip down to the Sand Dunes. Don’t you just love tons of sand that gets everywhere!?

I have a feeling though, that this Memorial Day weekend will be spent working around the house. Bugger.
If anyone knows of some other fun events to attend, share them with the rest of us!

Hello Denver!


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boy you have a beautiful area here. guest blogger here from Portland on a weeklong business adventure in Boulder. arriving yesterday and seeing the rockies in the distance took my breath away. we have mountains outside of Portland…or should i say mountain (not plural,) but nothing like the rockies.
i don’t think i’ll be getting out much, but I am enjoying the prairie dogs and rabbits where i’m here, so that’s cool.
why the boot? well, that my friends is a Florida Cowboy. it’s Jim Beam and Orange Juice. I got it in a boot glass because we were at the Texas Roadhouse.
You should ask your bartender for a Florida Cowboy next time you’re bellied up to the bar. cya.

Taxicab Drivers, Take Note

So I had occasion to be sitting outside Union Station on Tuesday evening. My train had arrived quite late, making a spousely pick-up a better option that the bus, so I was waiting out at 17th and Wynkoop, surrounded by luggage, waiting for my husband to arrive, and playing on my laptop to pass the time.

And every few minutes I would have to stop what I was doing, look up, and shake my head to get a taxicab to shut up honking at me. Apparently, simply having luggage is universal speak for “Want taxi plzzzz k lol”.

Look. If I wanted to take a taxi, you’d hardly have to honk to get my attention, would you? I’d bloody well be staring at the street trying to flag one of you down! So shut the honk up!

*Sigh* This rant brought to you by travel-frazzled nerves and sheer annoyance. Share and enjoy.

I Have A Cold

Every year, since I’ve lived in Colorado, I get a cold around this time. I usually mistake my ailments for allergies but then WHAM! It’s not allergies but a nasty cold.

Do this happen to anyone else? Is it just Colorado? Does this just happen to me? Or is it a coincident that colds are running rampant around Denver this time of year?

So many questions and I’m too sick to think about them anymore.

Thanks For A Great Time, Kyle!

Let’s Do It Again Sometime!!!

Last night’s Capture The Flag event covering the 16th Street Mall area was a great success. Some 200+ people showed up for it, and an amazing variety of strategies both organized and freelance were in evidence:

  • Bicycle scouts went zipping through enemy territory to find on which corner the goods were stashed. (They couldn’t actually steal the flag, not without ditching their bike; rules said you had to get it back to your territory under foot power alone.)
  • I understand the green team stole the blue team’s flag in the first game by riding the mall shuttle back and forth and back and forth and then choosing an opportune moment to get out and grab it.
  • I saw the blue team try to return the favor in the second game by arriving on the corner of 17th and California by car…
  • …by bike taxi…
  • …and by bus.
  • The usual high-school hijinks were also applied, such as pretending to be going to “jail” in order not to be tagged on one’s way to rescue a “prisoner.” Thththbbbp.
  • Those of us, like me, who stand no chance of running down a fleeing enemy team member, mostly put ourselves to work yelling the position of incoming would-be flag stealers and herding them towards the faster runners (and those with wheels).

Most of what I saw with my own eyes from my position of green team defense was a lot of fun and camaraderie and mostly good sportsmanship. Kyle is apparently uploading pictures as we speak over at the Blog. Go check ’em out!

Afterwards, the green team captain (hi Greg!) and anyone who was within earshot when he announced it headed off to Dixon’s for to replenish our bodies’ necessary stores of water, protein, carbohydrates, and alcohol. I regret that these diners did not include the very nice blue team member whom I tackled on his bike at the very beginning of the first game. To him I say, “Sorry, dude. You were a great sport. I hear you got your brakes fixed during your stay in jail? Come on up to Boulder some time. I owe you a drink.”

We’re All On Strike. Or Want To Be.

I’m bowling. There’s wi-fi at the bowling alley. Therefore I blog.

I’m at Centennial Lanes in Longmont. The lanes work fairly well. When they get stuck you hit the blue button. They’ve only gotten stuck on us twice. The house shoes are not entirely uncomfortable. The food is fairly yummy, but when they say “sourdough” what they really seem to mean is a thick, yeasty white bread that’s been partially toasted. I don’t know, maybe that counts as sourdough in some counties. The coffee is surprisingly good, and I attribute to it that last strike I rolled. The house balls are such that you basically choose a weight based on which ones have holes your fingers fit in. That’s why I’m using the twelve-pounder. It’s not because I want to look all macho. I think I’d do better with the nine-pounder, actually. But the nine-pounder keeps trying to eat my fingers to the first knuckle.

We all fairly suck at bowling, and there’s six of us here, so that’s a lot of sucking. We’re in our fifth frame of the third game, and I only got my second strike all night. I have had significantly more gutter-balls.

Oh, hey, it stuck again. Sometimes it gets confused when you do something radical like, I dunno, knock all the pins down.

If You Go: It’s $2.50 per person per game if you’re under 21, and $3.25 otherwise. The reuben sandwich is nummy but the zig-zag French fries are kinda uninspired. The arcade games include 80s classics Centipede, Donkey Kong, and Bubble Bobble, the latter placed strategically next to Bust-A-Move (Puzzle Bobble). Enjoy, and if it’s raining, don’t get your bowling shoes wet on your smoke break. The guy on the P.A. system will appreciate that.

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