Cranes Galore

This morning while I drove into the city I noticed something that (for some strange metaphysical quantum physics-inspired reason) I never noticed before — ever. My God, Denver has a crapload of cranes these days.

Sure I remember the building of the Pepsi Center and the new Invesco Field at Mile High, but not this many cranes in the city for as long as I can tell (or, er…lived here).

Five — count ’em, five — cranes currently stand tall above the Riverfront area, no doubt building more sub-par, over-priced “loft” units (note to architects: no of these are true “lofts,” see: “City, New York” or “Philadelphia.” These are more like luxury condos with 12-foot ceilings) that will bring more yuppies to town.

And the last crane I spotted — the sixth one, for those of you counting at home — was between Park Ave and Coors Field, no doubt building sub-par, over-priced office and retail space — a place for the new yuppies to work.

(Tangent alert:) You know, come to think of it, these new yuppies will get in their BMW, Mercedes or Porsche (the Boxster is the yuppie’s Porsche) from their heated underground parking, drive a mile (or less) to ink! at the Riverfront, then drive the next half-mile to the new sub-par, over-priced office. Parking will be ridiculous, but it, too, will be underground. The car will never hit above 25 mph or travel more than 5 miles in a single day. They’ll be more likely to spill their latte (Ok, who am I kidding? I drink these, too) on their laps than get into an accident. All of this while they could’ve walked (or bladed or ran or biked) to ink! and then to the office and back — burning off the calories from the vanilla syrup or the mocha double chocolate syrup — in roughly the same amount of time.

Yeah. Thank God for those cranes. Denver will be a whole lot friendlier come Spring 2006.

The new projects currently outnumber the cranes, and once completed, our new skyline will look like this*:

The projects: 1. Glass House 2. 14th/Lawrence tower 3. Four Seasons tower 4. The Spire 5. 14th/Stout tower 6. Embassy Suites Hotel 7. Hilton Garden Inn 8. DAC tower 9. DNA building 10. One Lincoln Park 11. North Broadway tower

*This list/photo taken from Denver InFillwhose sole purpose to to full in the gaps of our skyline to make a better a panoramic picture to sell at the mall for $79.99 (framed).

Yup. Horray for the cranes.

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