What’s with Denver driving?

Can everyone stop driving into homes and buildings, please? I am not sure if it’s the altitude but what has brought on this rash of bad driving? With the incident in Thornton, last week, where a drunk driver crashed through homes and backyards – Incidentally, I work with the owner of the home where the car finally came to a crashing stop – it leaves me with a feeling of confusion and worry. Up next, the young girl in Arvada who drove into the Subway shop – and why are parents giving their 16 year old, newly licensed drivers new 2002 Jettas? Then, in Weld County this week, a car crashes into a garage, subsequently hits a parked vehicle, which then, ends up in the home. Did our driving skills go on vacation?

With all the teenager driver accidents, road rage, drunk driving and carelessness, we all need to slow down.

Seriously, stop drinking and driving, for goodness sake! Be aware of what you are doing. Take the bus, light rail or a cab if you think you cannot drive. Or if you are just a stupid driver, please, stay off the roads. The rest of us don’t want to pay for your mistakes.

I avoid the highways like it was an undercooked veggie burger. I usually end up frustrated, angry or just downright pissed off, when I exit the demolition derby, otherwise known as a highway. I have come to love the back roads of Denver and Colorado in general. I much prefer to take the slower scenic route, besides you get to see another side of this great city.

I’ve found this number to come in handy, more than once, *CSP (*277). You can call this number from your cell phone, for free, and report incidents of aggressive drivingroad rage.

I am all for public transportation and wish that the light rail would extend up to north Denver and along Highway 36 into Boulder. The traffic in this area is always congested and we do more sitting than driving at times. With the higher gas prices and traffic problems, let’s get a move on with the light rail project.

I don’t even want to discuss what happens when those lovely snowflakes come down …

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