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Denver Restaurant Week

Seeing as it’s Denver’s Restaurant week (Feb 25 – March 3), we decided to get together with some friends and check out some of our locals. Tonight, it’s O’s Steak & Seafood restaurant, at the Westin Hotel. If you check out Denver’s Restaurant Week website, you can see a listing of all the participating restaurants and their menu’s. There is a set price of $52.80 for a couple or $26.40 for one, which gives you a chance to stay within a budget – for the week at least – and get to sample some of Denver’s best.

Tonight, I have decided to try the following:
First Course – Romaine Hearts with Caesar dressing
Second Course – Grilled Hanger Steak, Roasted Root Vegetable and Pommes Frites
Third Course – Seasonal Crème Brûlée Painters Plate

I have heard mixed reviews about O’s, so tonight, I can finally make a decision for myself. I’ll let you know my unprofessional opinion of the food. If anyone else has taken advantage of Restaurant Week or have any recommendations, please share!

Denver-Wide Capture the Flag Event! May 6. 6pm

You heard me. Capture the Flag. City-wide style. I got the idea from the folks at who tend to do large art functions like this (the most recent being an all-out pillow fight in New York City’s Union Square). I’ll be posting rules shortly, but for the time being, put this on your calendar: 6pm, May 6th, 2006. ALL ARE INVITED. I’ll be submitting some information to the Rocky and Post, too. Tell your friends and come one, come all. This works best with over 100 people.

Formal invitation after the jump.

Twenty-six miles of straight on pavement with a load of history.


You either know what I just said, or you’re not from around here.

If you’re not, or for a good read, go here first, and here second.

After you’ve done that, or if you grokked it at the ‘C’…

Check out this fantastic photoblog.
(also check out the about page for a decently overwhelming list of CO bloggers)

Let’s Discuss the Weather

It’s good to be back in Denver again. Clear air, the sun, mountains and warmth — at least I missed the record lows last week. Don’t get me wrong here, I love London. I love the city, the people, public transport and I could go on and on. But I love the sun and weather here. Weather is such a boring topic really, but when it makes one happy, it’s worth talking about. In my brief London stay, I saw the sun maybe 3 times and only for a few hours. I know this is what England is like and was not expecting anything different, but I had forgotten how I loved our Colorado weather. It’s a good reminder to not take it for granted and to appreciate this climate. Next time, I promise, I won’t complain (as much) when it rains or snows.

I feel lucky to live in such a wonderful place. It’s good to be back home, in Denver.

(maybe next time, I will have something better to write about)


This morning at Starbucks, on 16th & Tremont:

Customer: “I’ll have a tall coffee of the day.”
Barista: (with thick accent) “Hokay, and you name?”
Customer: “Doug.”
Barista: (confused) “Dog?”
Customer: (annoyed) “Doug!”
Barista: “Dog?”
Customer: “Oh, forget it. I’ll go to the Starbucks across the street.”

So young for a makeover…

Hey, look at that, we got a facelift (as did all of the Metblog cities). Looking good Denver, looking good.

And credit where it’s due for whoever put in that Douglas Adams quote (psst, look down.)

Departing Union Station For Points South And East

Union%20Station%20By%20Night.jpgIn my opinion, this is exactly what a train station ought to look like. A little old-fashioned, a little ornate, a lot dignified. Just one room with a huge vault of a ceiling, not too much for the eyes to take in and organize in the brain, but plenty to appreciate aesthetically.

(For this report’s purpose we will ignore the corner of the station behind construction. “Excuse our dust. We are in the middle of reconstructing and preserving.”)

First time I took the train, last year in late October, my husband asked me to get pictures of Union Station in Chicago. But Chicago’s Union Station looks like an airport from the inside, all glassed-in terminals with immovable chairs and a gate that just happens to lead to rails instead of a plane. Denver’s Union Station, now, there’s a train station.

As trains don’t have Internet just yet, and I’m on a train now, I probably won’t get to post this until at least Chicago and maybe not even until New Orleans. Hopefully no one’ll mind me backdating the post.

Here we go.

My Kingdom for an Xbox

Like any normal, shamefully materialistic American, it bums me out when I want something that I can’t afford. But much more maddening is when I want something that I actually can afford — literally, have cash in hand — and some ridiculous, unforeseen obstacle still prevents me from getting what I want. What I’m trying to say is that if you’re looking for an Xbox in Denver, I can now tell you where not to shop.

5280 has showing in California

5280 magazine, the regional award-nominated publication from the Mile High City, seems to be getting some play in California these days.

The magazine, a supporter/sponsor of Team TIAA-CREF based in and trains out of Boulder, is prominently displayed on team jersey’s shoulders as you can see from this photo of young Taylor Tolleson in yesterday’s Amgen Tour of California prologue in San Francisco.

In case of daylight blackout, ask for Table 14.

So us up in the Boulder area were also hit by yesterday’s power outage. Hubby and I woke up, looked at the alarm clock, and saw that the alarm clock wasn’t looking back. A friend of ours who lives about half a mile away called us up while we were still groggy to find out if we were blacked out too. We were. And so was Vic’s Again in Diagonal Plaza. So there’s your Northeast Boulder contingent. We were all out from about 8:30 to 9:45 AM.

Apparently our coming back online sucked all the power out of Central East Boulder, as defined by the area through which pass Folsom, 28th, and 30th going North/South and Canyon and Arapahoe going East/West. We didn’t know this, hubby and I, so around 10:30 we said to each other, “Hey, after we finish dealing with laundry, let’s go out and have a nice breakfast at Le Peep’s,” and, “Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!”

Not, as it turned out, one of our better plans.

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